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Erinnyen Nr. 21 just published:

Main topic of the Erinnyen No. 21:



Main topic of the Erinnyen No. 19:

  Kritik der „Lebenskunst“

   Illusionärer Eudämonismus im
   falschen Ganzen

   provisorisches Glück in der
   praktischen Gesellschaftskritik?


Main topic of the Erinnyen No. 18:

Criticism of the value philosophy number 3:

Max Scheler


Main topic of the Erinnyen No. 17:

Criticism of the value philosophy number 2:

Wilhelm Windelband, Max Weber, Heinrich Rickert



Main topic of the Erinnyen No. 16:

Criticism of the value philosophy as an ideology


 The boom of the philosophical value concept deceives about its inconsistency. Moral value serves to found school subjects and to legitimize imperialistic wars. A thorough criticism of this term must go back to its genesis and reflect the value philosophy of Hermann Lotzes. Moral values prove to be an ideology. This is necessarily wrong consciousness to safeguard the power. Lotze reacts to the collapse of the German idealism with his value philosophy.

 This collapse expresses a failure of the civil hopes at the same time. Lotze collaborates in the “destruction of the reason” (Lukács) which prepares the Nazi ideology in the 20th century. His eclectic ontology, his teleological idealism and his dogmatic theology are based on his intellectual needs. Therefore these concepts cannot use any objectivity. Lotze forgets the standards of philosophizing which were reached in the classic philosophy from Kant to Hegel.

    Lotze puts his values (Werte) from the materially imaginary soul (Gemüt). The soul as “Monade” hangs God of the “Zentralmonade”. Actual but the term is a veiled derivative of the economic value concept by Lotze. He wants to borrow the positive connotation.

His single values are of an established intellectual in the reactionary Germany of the 19th century. As far as they are functional for the society, they appear as an ideational existence condition of the ruling class. Lotze particularly satisfies an ideological need with his value philosophy which aims the apologia of the upper class consciousness and the capitalist conditions.

    Like every apologia it destroys its theoretical object more, in that it protects it before the criticism. This lets itself be seen with Nietzsche. He takes the moral value idea of Lotze.  He also makes the term moral values popular. Nietzsche goes over to a “chanching of all values" at the same time. These values are then taken on directly by the fascism. Values aren't justifying. Who wants to assert its must use violence. The gab of value of Lotze to this day shows that this term has become a constituent part of the ideological manipulation.  

 ISSN 0179-163-16         



Obituary on the Philosopher Peter Bulthaup

(12.7.1934 - 29.10.2004)

 Peter Bulthaup died in the night from 28th to 29th October 2004. The „Magazine of Materialistic Ethics Erinyes“ mourns for this remarkable man. Peter Bulthaup was born on the 12th July 1934. His father was in the “Wehrmacht”. When the young boy saw that an officer  harassed his father, he became an opponent of fashism. He studied chemistry in West Germany and got a doctor of this science. According to the sentence: “principle known – boring”, he left this science and studied philosophy. He studied under Adorno and Horkheimer, follower of the critical theory of the society. In the year 1975 he got promotion to become a full professor of philosophy  at the university of Hannover. After receiving his degree he began teaching natural philosophy and German idealism by Kant, Fichte and Hegel. He worked with dialectic scientific methods. Peter Bulthaup also became well-known for his opposition against the capitalism and its ideology. He wrote some articles in our magazine. Peter Bulthaup continued the critical theory of society. The editor of our magazine was stu11.12.2009 philosophy he have to have considered chiefly as a moralist of language, science and politics.

He had health problems during his last 20 years. Now he died after short acute sickness.

  Erinnyen (Erinyes)

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