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About Erinyes Titel

About Our Magazine

  The Erinyes are in Greco mythology  one of a group of goodness of vengeance. They were originally conceived of as ghosts of the murdered. They lived in the underworld and ascended to earth to pursue the wicked. Realistic the erinyes are embodiment of the bad conscience, that murderers have. By Euripides the Erinyes changed to the euphemistic name Eumenides, the “Venerable Goddesses”. But this change is wrong.  

   According to Marx “theory of surplus value”, which rest on the axiom that human labour alone creates all value and hence constitutes the sole source of profits. The capitalist class exploits the working class hence the working people will tendentious as only a means.

    The categorical imperativ from the philosopher Kant says: “So act as to treat humanity, whether in your own person or in another, always as an end, and never as only a means.”  The Exploitation of working class offend against morality. The alternative to morality is war. According to the weaponries of mass destruction you can say: whether we live in morality or mankind don’t survive.There is no alternative.

    The topmost purpose of the capitalistic economic is growth, the reinvest of the surplus value. All part of life has to obey that purpose. It is the invisible hand of the society. It makes everybody’s life hell. It is a matter of life and death. It will take us our life.

 In fact life is easier for people who can pay it. But who will live as a slave of a mechanism of capitalism called invisible hand!

    However the working people haven’t any awareness and the capitalist class has no conscience. Therefore the Erinyes must ascended to earth to pursue the wicked. Our “Erinnyen” want to be the bad conscience of the capitalistic world.

    History was shaped by class struggles; the struggle of contemporary working class against their capitalist taskmasters, the struggle of developed countries against poor countries, and the struggle of imperialist states each other would end in death of mankind or eventuate in a socialist society in which associated producers would mold their collective destinies cooperatively, free from economic and social constraints. Only in this world morality will go on.  



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